Option 1   We suggest a small decorative plant printed in 3D  to liven up that special day.

It is made of simple printed parts which are easy to put together:

planta  decor

Option 2   A heart with hinge opening which you can use as a little box, pendant or locket and is printed as a single unit:

 colgante llavero / corazón

You can also keep little objects inside it, such as a note, a ring, a gem or photo… Your imagination (and the size) are the only limits!

  • The first step is selecting which colour filament to use.

colores pdos colores abierto p

For best results, follow these printing tips:

  • Decrease the printing temperature. We have used PLA filament in our example, so we have decreased the usual temperature from 210ºC to 200ºC.
  • Increase the retraction distance to reduce any loose threads on the final piece.

madera  indicaciones

-No additional supports are required. There is a small support inside the heart which is removed after printing.

  • If you want a higher print quality, select 0.1 mm layer height and, to increase resistance of the walls, set it at 1.2 mm thickness.
  • You can print with 0% fill density.

configuracion r

You also have the option to shrink the piece to approximately 85% of its normal size. Any more than that and the hinge would be joined and you wouldn´t be able to open the heart.

Have fun with your romantic 3D printing