Before you start programming your Bitbloq 2, it´s important to make sure we have everything needed so that it will work correctly on your computer.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Connect the controller board to the computer via the USB cable.
  2. Open Bitbloq 2 in your Chrome browser.
  3. Click on the Boards tab and drag your board into the white box. If your board is not listed in the list of boards compatible with the UNO family, use the Arduino UNO board.
  4. Click on Check and you will see how the program compiles correctly.
  5. Click on the Load button and a dialogue box will appear asking you to download the Web2Board application. Select your operating system and a file will be downloaded to your computer.
  6. If you´re using Windows, unzip the file and the run the web2board.exe file.
  7. If you´re using Linux, unzip the file and run the Web2Board file and an application will open asking you to enter your password. Type it in and press Enter.
  8. We recommend that you restart your computer and installing the Web2Board program.
  9. After rebooting, open Bitbloq 2, select your board and click the Load button and the program will start to load on your board. A message will then appear on screen indicating that everything has gone correctly: Program uploaded successfully.


Having issues?

You haven´t installed the Web2Board program

If you are using Bitbloq 2 for the first time, you might need to install the Web2Board program so that your computer will recognise your controller board. To install it, follow the first steps at the beginning of this post.


Download and install the programs for the operating system you´re using and try running the program on your board again.

Your web browser is not compatible

Bitbloq 2 currently only functions with Google Chrome. If you´re using a different browser, please switch to this one. Make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version.

The power button on your ZUM board is switched to off

It can even happen to professionals, if your robot or project doesn´t work as you expected, make sure that the power button on your ZUM board is ON.

There´s a compilation error

In this case, the program you have created contains an error. Why don´t you try taking another look at the blocks in your program? You might have overlooked something.

Still got issues?

If after following these steps, you still can´t program your board, please write to, including details of:

  • The operating system and version: for example,  Windows 7 64-bit, or Ubuntu 14.10 32-bit, etc.
  • The browser and version: for example, Chrome 43.0.2357.130 (64-bit).
  • The program you are trying to load in .json format. You can download it from Bitbloq 2 via: File->Download project.
  • A screenshot of the error message, or please specify if none is returned.

Our team will try to resolve any problems that arise as soon as possible.