The Ciclop DIY 3D scanner1 has the option of using the Bluetooth2 of the ZUM BT-328 controller board3 to communicate with the PC, instead of using a micro-USB cable.

In this entry, we will provide a step-by-step explanation of the setup for effective communication via Bluetooth.

Enabling Bluetooth on the ZUM

        The ZUM board commutators must be in the following position:
  • Commutator 1: ON
  • Commutator 2: OFF
  • Commutator 3: OFF

The first thing you need to do is to configure the Bluetooth connection on the computer. To do this, you can connect the board via USB or the Jack connector.

Loading the Bluetooth-adapted firmware onto the controller board

Thanks to the new version of Horus 0.1.2, which can be downloaded from the website, loading another firmware onto the controller board is simple and intuitive.
All you need to do is load the program and go to Preferences, then ” External File” under Binary file. A window will open enabling  you to select the file that you want to upload, then simply click on Load firmware!


Connecting Horus via Bluetooth


First you will need to configure the Bluetooth connection of the device to the computer. To do this:

          1. Locate the Bluetooth icon on the tool bar in the top left area. Right-click and select Add new connection.
          2. A setup wizard will appear to guide you through the connection process. It could be a Windows wizard or one installed by a third party, usually by the computer manufacturer. In our example, the computer has its own wizard. The steps to follow are identical in both cases.

            A pairing password may be required to set up the connection, which is usually “1234”. Once the connection has been set up and a COM port has been assigned, the device is ready to be used.


          3. You will need to know the port number, which you can find out by going to the device administrator. Two ports will appear (COM 24 and COM 25 as shown in the image). One will be input and the other will be output. It will be tested with one of them.

Once you have the port number, open Horus and go to Preferences. Then enter the correct port number and selection 19,200 as the baud rate.


The first thing you need to do is to configure the Bluetooth connection on the computer. The Bluetooth of the ZUM must be enabled.

          1. Open a Terminal (Alt + F2) and type in terminal or gnome-terminal.
          2. Search for the enable new Bluetooth devices settings by entering the following command. As you can see, the Bluetooth devices are listed with their own address.

            sudo hcitool scan

            Scanning …


          3. Connect your device by entering this command. You now have the Bluetooth serial port in /dev/rfcomm0

            sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0 98:D3:31:B2:DB:68

Open Horus and click on connect. In the preference dialogue box /dev/rfcommo will appear in Serial Port. You will need to enter 19200 as the baud rate.


The first step is connecting the Bluetooth of the Mac.

          1. Go to the Bluetooth section under System preferences. A window will open showing the visible devices.
            mac preferencias Captura de pantalla 2015-07-27 a las 17.51.30
          2. Now you need to link the devices. To do this you will need to enter a code. The code number is “1234”.
            codigo mac

Then all you need to do is open Horus and select the corresponding port under Preferences.

preferencias mac



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  1. Where can I buy the ciclop diy kit? I am searching for a distributor in the USA or in Europe.

  2. Hola

    When you mention “A window will open enabling you to select the file that you want to upload, then simply click on Load firmware!” . Would you please be so kind and provide the link for this firmware.


    1. Dear José,

      You can find the firmware at the bottom of this article, just beneath the “References” section.


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