What is Bitbloq 2?

Bitbloq 2 is a block-programming language. It doesn´t involve writing complex lines of code which is usually very tricky to begin with. By using Bitbloq 2, you will focus on the basics of programming, such as variables, loops and conditionals. Once you have learnt how a machine thinks, you´ll be able to program anything!

Bitbloq 2 is recommend for 8 years and upwards. You don´t need to be an expert to make small experiments or to create fantastic robots. In fact, the opposite is true! Experiment, make mistakes, learn and enjoy the ride!

In this course, you will learn the basics of robotics and programming using Bitbloq 2 and the BQ ZUM robotics kit. In any case, Bitbloq 2 is compatible with any of the boards from the UNO family, so if you already have a controller board then get programming!


Ready? Then connect to ground and let´s get started!


OJO Attention: If you´ve already completed the Bitbloq 1 course or if you already know how to program with it, then you´re already an expert programmer and learning Bitbloq 2 will be a piece of cake. Check out the first two entries of the course: Before you start and Getting familiar with Bitbloq 2 to learn the main differences quickly. You´ll be a real programming expert in no time! Bitbloq 2 has a great deal to offer you!