We are starting a new course: programming for makers. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about creating Arduino-based maker projects which use Android devices (mobile, tablet, etc.). We will be learning all about literal programming of controller boards from the Arduino family and Protocoder, a simple but powerful tool for programming Android devices.

The course content will cover:

The basics of programming with Arduino

  • Variables, types, uses, local and globals variables
  • Flow control: if-elseloops switch-case sentences, etc.
  • Use of functions.
  • Reading and writing via analogue and digital pins
    • Digital sensors
    • Analogue sensors
    • Actuators: motor servo, LEDs, buzzer …
  • Reading and writing via serial port
  • Communication via Bluetooth

Android programming with Protocoder

  • Reading the sensors of the Android device: accelerometers, GPS, etc.
  • Access the camera and video streaming
  • Voice recognition
  • Text-to-speech output
  • Interaction via UI
  • Using the screen to draw, display images, video
  • Bluetooth communication using Arduino

You can find the course downloads at GitHub: The lessons for this course will be published from time to time, be sure to pay attention… first lesson, the week starting December 8th. We will be using the ZUM BT 328 and a BQ Aquaris, but you can also use any board compatible with Arduino and any mobile on Android. If you want to know more about the benefits of using a ZUM BT-328 board, you can check out the specifications.