EVO guia de montje-02

The chassis of this robot consists of 3D-printed pieces, which is what makes it a PrintBot. You can get hold of these pieces when you purchase a Evolution PrintBot Kit [available soon from the BQ Store] which comes with all the components included, or if you have access to a 3D printer, you can print them off yourself:


Here you can access the native project in FreeCAD. Feel free to adapt it to your taste!


Got it? Let´s get it set up then!

EVO guia de montje-03

Although only 2 K screws are required to attach the brain board,  we have used 4 distance bolts. We will now continue with the servomotors:

EVO guia de montje-04

EVO guia de montje-05

EVO guia de montje-06

EVO guia de montje-07

WARNING! The next step is crucial! It´s about calibrating the position of the mini servo, which means putting the eyes of the robot correctly in place. First attach the ultrasound sensor and the mini servo to the support pieces F and H:


Take the elongated head of the mini servo and fit it any position:

EVO guia de montje-06_part2

Now carefully  turn the head clockwise  by hand until it reaches the top!

EVO guia de montje-06_part3

The head can be stopped in any position. Now carefully remove the head…

EVO guia de montje-06_part4

…and then we fit it again to make it as aligned as possible,  as you can see in the image.

EVO guia de montje-06_part5

Now we can join the two supports with a mini-screw and continue with assembling it.

EVO guia de montje-06_part6

EVO guia de montje-09

Now it´s time to make the connections! Connect the electronic vitamins as shown in the diagram.

EVO guia de montje-10_ff

EVO guia de montje-12

Have you understood all the steps? If you´re still not sure, you can watch this video tutorial:


Your PrintBot Evolution is ready! Now we want you to transform your robot into any animal or fantastical creature you like. We have designed a few skins, but you are free create anything you can think of!

EVO guia de montje-11

Follow this link to find out how to attach the skin to your PrintBot Evolution.