EVO guia de montje-21Once you have finished mounting your PrintBot Evolution, why not give it a new look? In this entry, we will explain how to transform your robot into… a funny elephant!

You will need the following items:

  1. Scissors and/or Stanley knife.
  2. Sellotape or glue.
  3. EVA foam sheet in a fantastic colour. [*]

[*] You can also use other flexible material as your PrintBot skin, instead of the EVA foam.

EVO guia de montje-22

First download and print off the templates for this elephant-shaped skin. Be careful not to scale it! Select the actual size printing option on your printer. It´s up to you, but we recommend printing them on card as it´s more rigid than paper.

elefante dividido

If you already have the templates, follow the steps in the video to find out how to put all the pieces together:


EVO guia de montje-23