What is a continuous rotation servo?


A continuous rotation servomotor is larger than the mini servo and it has a similar function to a conventional motor. This servo does not stop in one position, but rather it can turn continuously in one direction, as its name would suggest. One of its most common uses is using two servos to move the wheels of a PrintBot, such as the Renacuajo or the Beetle.

In general, we use continuous rotation servos in robots and mechanics. Want to learn how to use them?You will need:
1. 1 x ZumBloq continuous rotation servo
2. A ZUM BT 328 controller board or one compatible with Arduino UNO
3. A USB cable

Let´s get started:

Example 1

Programming a continuous rotation servo to turn clockwise, stop and turn anti-clockwise

We are going to learn how to program the continuous rotation servo to turn in one direction or another, and also to stop, and for this we will need to connect the servo to digital pin 11.


Although the servo can have many positions, which means the first thing to consider is that it should be connected to an analogue pin, it´s controlled by our ZUM board through a digital pin and using  PWM (pulse-width modulation). It´s a bit complicated to explain at this point, so we will come back to it in more detail later – just remember for now that we must connect the servo to one of the digital pins.

So, let´s make the program!

Wait a second!  You tricked me! Something is wrong here, it´s not turning clockwise! Where´s the technical support number?

Ok, take it easy! This is what´s actually happening: The direction of the servo rotation is NOT seen from above, but in fact from the interior of the servo. Why is that? Because when it comes to programming printbots with wheels, it´s a lot more intuitive to decide which direction we want our robot to go or turn.

After having learnt to use so many components and… now you can also move things! You will want to create a robot to put the washing machine on or to take the dog for a walk.  One step at a time!  So now that you know how to use a continuous servo, why don´t you have a go at building a  zoetrope? I guarantee that you will enjoy yourself!