RoboPad is an application that makes controlling your PrintBots via an Android device easy and fun. Using the bluetooth module of “Mi Primer Kit de Robótica” or the ZUM BT-328 board with bluetooth integrated, you can operate your PrintBot remotely via your mobile or tablet.

Follow these simple steps for using RoboPad++:

1. Download the RoboPad++ application for your mobile or tablet from Google Play by clicking on the image:


2. Load the corresponding program on your robot by connecting the brain board to your computer via USB: press this button to download the programs. Remember the program corresponding to the board that you have and the type of PrintBot (RenacuajoBeetle or Evolution).

The file includes a version in .ino format so that it can be opened via the Arduino IDE, and another version that can be opened using bitbloq. If you don´t know how to use bitbloq or how to load a program on your board, follow the first steps with your PrintBot guide.

>>Robonaut Warning!!

If you are using the  PrintBot Beetle, make sure you calibrate the pincers before using RoboPad. Press here to see how to calibrate it.

3. Open the application and the select the robot that you will be using:

Robopad Seleccion PrintBot

When you press on an icon, it will show you how to connect all the vitamins (a special term used to refer the non-printed components):

Robopad  Control Renacuajo Robopad Conexiones

4. Connect everything up, connect the bluetooth and… it´s play time!

NB: If you are launching the bluetooth module for the first time, try using password 1234.


RoboPad++ is an advanced version of the first RoboPad application. We have added an editor that enables you to program a series of movements and run them on your robot.


You can easily adjust the position of the movements by pressing them or by dropping them into the bin to the delete. You can delete the entire sequence of movements or save it for later.

programa_movimientos programa_movimientos_2

EXTRA! EXTRA! New PrintBot on RoboPad!

You can now control the new PrintBot Evolution remotely, which includes the new “obstacle-dodging” feature with sounds and entertaining movements. To enable it to detect obstacles, simply press on the third orange button at the bottom of the RoboPad screen.

Robopad EvolutionYou can access the source files and adapt them to your liking in githubRobopad and Robopad++.

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  1. Hi, I have a robotic kit and have printed all the parts for Beetle. I want to use it through remote controller on Android App. Do I have to connect the board to my PC and program the Arduino board. Or by just connecting the bluethooth can I start using it. Thanks. Dirk

    1. Hi Dirk!

      First, you must connect the robot to the computer, then load the arduino code on your board: “robopad_beetle_plusplus.ino”

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