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  1. Dear bq,
    I have seen your Ciclop – the 3D scanner – This seems to be really greaT – when is it available to buy as a kit
    Christian, Denmark

  2. I’d like to build this out, except using Arduino, RAMPS 1.4 with available steppers drivers for NEMA 17.
    Still new to 3D printing in general, but I love this design.
    I basically have all materials, except the lasers and ZUM boards, but I have many Arduino and RAMPS boards with about 20 stepper drivers..
    would like to use what I have on hand.

    Any help you can give guys, would be awesome as would 3D printing can getting this to work with my own hands.. love it!

  3. Hello,I have now built the ciclop 3D laser scanner,and in the booklet it says come this site,now I’m lost.I think a brief idea of me will be helpful;I am a retired chef/cafe proprietor.This is only the second time I have tried to build something smarter than myself,I have subscribed to build your own 3D printer create and print, then half way through building it(it comes 4 weekly 4 issues) I realised I’d need a scanner,my HP one is only for photographs etcetera.So I am lost as to the next step,please help.regards Charles.

    1. Hi Charles,

      Don’t worry, we will help with anything you may need. Just feel free to ask what you want and we will try to help you in the better way possible.