ZUM SCAN is a power shield compatible with Arduino UNO* board and derivatives such as ZUM BT-3281. This shield is used to power control stepper motors (using A49882 drivers), laser modules and LDR sensors.

The design is based on the Arduino CNC Shield3. Like ZUM BT-328, the ZUM SCAN board is published on GitHub, released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (CC-BY-SA).


This electronic board has been designed to be used in 3D scanners, like Ciclop4. Although Ciclop uses one stepper motor and two laser modules, ZUM SCAN allows you to control up to two stepper motors, four laser modules and two LDR sensors. The shield can thus be used with other versions and future evolutions of this 3D scanner.


Name Description
Model bq ZUM SCAN
Dimensions 67 (L) x 54 (W) mm
Input voltage 8V – 16 V
Nominal voltage 12 V
Motor driver socket 2 units
Laser control transistor 4 units
Analogue sensor connector 2 units
Other features Power jack connector. Reset button. Fuse protection for stepper motors. Compatible with Arduino UNO*


Bill of materials

Designator Description Footprint
C1, C2 Electrolytic capacitor Body_8-Height_11.5-Space_3,5_Folded
Fx, Fy PTC resettable fuse MF-R185
J1, J3 1 x 6 pin header 2.54mm 1 x 6 pin header 2.54
J2, J4 1 x 8 pin header 2.54mm 1 x 8 pin header 2.54
J5, J9, LDR 6 pin dual header 2.54mm 2 x 3 pin header 2.54
J6, J7, J10, J11 8 pin socket header 2.54mm 1 x 8 socket header THT 2.54mm
J8, J12 1 x 4 pin header 2.54mm 1 x 4 pin header 2.54
JMP1, JMP2, JMP3 1 x 2 jumper 2.54mm
LASER 8 pin dual header 2.54mm 2 x 4 pin header 2.54
PWR DC power jack Jack 2.1
Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 Mosfet Channel N Enhancement Mode TO-92-3L
R1, R2 Resistor Resistor_THT_6mm
RESET Micro miniature pushbutton surface Switch SW_THT_6.0 x 6.0 x 5.0



Detail A4988 Driver (left) and ZUM SCAN (right)



* Arduino UNO boards with mini-USB or micro-USB connector.


  1. ZUM BT-328 board
  2. A4988 Stepper motor driver carrier
  3. Arduino CNC Shield power shield
  4. Ciclop open source 3D Scanner

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  1. Hola!

    Enhorabuena por este proyecto, es prometedor!

    Sacareis esta placa ya montada a la venta?


    1. Hi. Fuse reference is MF-R185.


  2. I also have had issues finding the fuse.

  3. I the Zum Scan board available for purchase? I cannot find any ordering details.

  4. Hello my build is going well just a question can you please give the PBC files in something a little more open source like eagle or just the plane board in pdf so we/ I can make it for the arduino Uno please the software yo used is not easy to get hold of and the demo is impossible to get

    1. Hi, we have planned to implement ZUM SCAN board using also open source editors (probably KiCAD) in the future, but not yet. We encourage the community to do it! 😀
      If you want to make the board you can find all the information to build it here: https://github.com/bq/zum/tree/master/zum-scan.

      1. Jesús, I basically got this thing build (mechanically). Switched the metric rods to imperial (5/16ths, etc, etc.).
        Only problem is the electronics, for instance this ZUM SCAN board. I don’t have the skill to build one.
        Like I mentioned in another post, I have tons of Arduino Mega 2560 boards and RAMPS 1.4 boards… is there a way I can use those instead to make this an easier build?

      2. Hi,

        first of all I wanted to thank you for making this awesome project open source! I have built the whole thing and I’m currently dealing with some issues like having problems with two lasers and such.
        But anyway, I am answering this particular question because I had the same issue. I wanted to order a board from companies who make PCBs but they all wanted different formats and couldn’t use Gerber files. So I drew the ZUM SCAN board in Eagle. I received it and it works, it has a few little issues but nothing major. I’m happy to send the files to anybody interested. I also have a few extra boards because making a few wasn’t much more expensive than making one, so if anyone is interested I’m selling them for the price I bought them. I’d also be happy to officially contribute to the project by adding the Eagle files to the project if there’s an interest. They’re certainly not perfect since it was my first try with Eagle and drawing my own PCB.

        Best regards

        1. Hi Philip,

          I would like to get the Eagles files for this project. I use Eagle Cad for all my projects. Then I produce the Cam files for my CNC machine.

          Thank you,
          Kerry Cassella

  5. Hi guys,

    Where can I buy zum scan shield? I have found Zum Scan in this site but I couldn`t find shield.



  6. If there any way that I can use other anduino board to built this fantestic project?such as ramp or stm32 board.thanks very much!

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